Éric Bélanger is a classically trained composer and bassoonist from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music. Éric has now been in the industry of composition for the last two years, having created soundtracks for animations, video game music, custom track requests, along with experience in mixing, mastering and sound design. Éric specializes in dynamic synthetic orchestra, jazz/blues, retro-electronic and symphonic-electronic music.


Brave Terrors is a Fantasy Medieval Turned-Based strategy video game coming soon in 2021. The soundtrack features western orchestra instrumentation as well as eastern instruments such as the Armenian Duduk and the Japanese Koto. From the ethereal beauties of the Eelnar forests to the merciless orcs and demons of the Masg rocky cliffs, here are some top picks to be featured.

BEST OF 2019/2020

A few favorites from the last two years. The last two years have been mainly focused on learning new genres and including diversity. Here are four demo reels featuring music from different genres as well as a short demo reel from 2019.

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